Should You Get An iPad Mini 4 This Christmas In Cambodia?

Apple’s latest newcomer to the scene, the iPad mini 4 debuted September this year and with Christmas just around the corner, we’re sure that everybody is already churning gift ideas in their minds and not far from the scope of IT savvy enthusiasts, we’re sure that gifting this mini device as a Christmas present is … [Read more…]

Malaysia Unlimited High Speed Broadband

Malaysia Unlimited High Speed Broadband Review: P1 Well, I have been looking at various internet packages offered in Kuala Lumpur, I needed something that I could just plug in and connect at any area in my house which kinda wipped out all the ones connected to TV (which I don’t want anyway).So other than the … [Read more…]

Italian Restaurant in KL

As the Malaysia’s cash Kl grows, among the best benefit which will discover is increasing amount of variety of rooftop bars where one can get best and spectacular views in the Kuala Lumpur city. For the most part these are based in high end hotels, making for a mixed clientele of well-heeled locals, expats and … [Read more…]

Malaysia: Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction Surgery in Malaysia Females who search for breast reduction will have had kids, are chubby, have some sort of predisposition pertaining to large, exorbitant breasts, or perhaps are vulnerable to estrogen. Big bosoms often run in the family, grew up honing from parents and grandmothers. Following tend to be some common reasons why … [Read more…]

M8Bar Experience

M8Bar experience in Kuala Lumpur This mixologists on M8 bar in kl have decades of lessons in creating signature cocktails only using the very best and special of materials. M8 bar menu features willing to perfection M8 signature bank cocktails, together with Timeless Old-fashioned classic cocktails including the Negroni, along with famously ‘invented in Kuala … [Read more…]