Eat, Drink And Experience Scenic Kuala Lumpur Views

South East Asia has some of the most amazing destinations for an unwinding moment, whether it’s during the sunlight or moonlight. Rooftop bars and restaurants are part of the Asian landscape offering a spectacular experience. In Kuala Lumpur itself, you can find a myriad of extraordinary bar in KL where you can sip on crafted […]


Vibrant Lifestyle in Kuala Lumpur

Not long ago, I travelled to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia’s capital. My travel was pertaining to a wedding event but, other than that, I routinely travel there in regards to business. I have discovered it to be a lively, vibrant place that has a lot to offer in terms of shops, cuisine as well as ventures. […]

Top 4 Water Tanks & Tank Equipment Installation

Water tanks are containers that collect rainwater to use for different purposes such as household needs, agriculture, chemical processes, food preparation and fire extinguishing. If you decide to invest in Water Tanks & Tank Equipment, you will save two things: money and water while contributing to a greener environment. What’s important for you to know […]

5 Best Mojito Variations

Quite simply the original mojito is made of just a few fresh ingredients – white rum, lime juice, fresh mint leaves, sparkling water and a dash of sugar. Usually it is poured over ice (a.k.a on the rocks) in a Collins glass and it is a popular drink during the summer as it is refreshing! Nowadays […]

The New Kind of Workout

The most common excuse why people aren’t engaging any kind of sport is because it takes to much time and costs to much money. Indeed fitness in a gym or engaging some other kind of sport can be pretty expensive and time consuming. But what if I told you that there is a way to […]

Newsflash, It Isn’t the Seventies Anymore

We now live in a time where non discretionary spending and mobile broadband is a great luxury that many, many people literally can’t afford. Why these so-called pundits expect/predict lots of spending from people who no longer have much disposable income is beyond me. All indications are that our oil-patch jobs won’t come back soon, […]